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What our members say
"I have made some good friends through Table Talk and have enjoyed the balls that I have attended.  The were great"  Anne, (Rutherford. NSW)

"Wonderful.  I like the thrill of not knowing who you will meet.  I'm meeting interesting people every Saturday night"  John (interviewed on Prime Television).

" I like the fact that my personal detail are not given out to just anyone.  I choose who I give those particulars to".    (Cecile, French's Forest).

"I used to be the quiet one, but now I host Table Talk diners regularly, and I have found it has helped to restore my confidence"  (Ian  Bateau Bay).

"I give it the thumbs up ...  it's the best service that I have been involved in and let me tell you....I have tried them all"
(James, Belmont).