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1.  It's safe.  (All your personal details are kept confidential.
You choose who you want to have your phone number.
2.  Avoid the smoked filled, beer smelling pub & club scene.
3.  Increase your circle of friends "male" or "female" or both.
4.  Table Talk is membership based, so you will meet good quality people.
5.  We provide a range of activities from casual dinners, dinners dances and weekends away.  There is something for everyone.
6.  A more natural way to meet a partner.
7.  Equally balanced dinners (male/female).  No more attending singles Dances or Balls that have 80% females and only 20% males in attendance. (or vice versa).
8.  Quality Venues and Restaurants.
9.  We're opening up other areas all the time, so we have a large network of members in all areas, and one membership covers you at any Table Talk area.
10. We're open till late so you can book at a time that suits you.